Only 3 in Every 10 Google employees are women [Presentation & Infographics]

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Google, the search engine giant recently released the company’s diversity report for the year. Like many other companies in the Silicon Valley, Google too has only fewer women employees as the report says that they only constitute to 30% of the company’s overall employees globally. Only 17% & 21% of the company’s tech & leadership jobs have been held by women. Interestingly 48% of the company’s non-tech jobs have been held by women.

The company interestingly emphasizes on increasing women in tech & leadership roles and notes the following, “Women are half the world’s population, We’ve got to increase their participation in computer science and keep women at Google on the path to leadership.”

The report also shows that 60% of the company’s overall employees are white, 30% are Asians and Only 2% of them are Black.

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Google Diversity Report 2014 [Infographics]

Google Diversity Report 2014

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